Logic Hop Insights provide a near real-time report of pages viewed and goals triggered.

NOTE: Insights are only available with Logic Hop Data Plans. Insights are not available with Logic Hop License Key plans.

Insights can be viewed for the past 30 days, 7 days, 1 day and for the current day.

Insights can be accessed in your WordPress Dashboard at Logic Hop > Insights and viewed as:

  • Unique Views
    • Each item counted once per user
  • Aggregate Views
    • Every item counted for every user

Logic Hop Insights

Insight Data Types

  • Page Views
    • The number of times each page or post has been viewed
  • Goal Triggered
    • The number of times a Goal has been triggered

Note: We recommend augmenting Logic Hop Insights by using Google Analytics and Google Analytics’ Event Tracking with Logic Hop Goals. This combined approach will provide a full view of all site activity and user events.

Learn more about using Google Analytics with Logic Hop Goals.